Wherever the item you browse, you will find Buy It Now or Pay By Instalments options. There is also a contact button like the one you see below. This button will pop-up a form and you will be sent one email directly to us. This is valid for any specimens outside the "Museum", as those have already been sold or are not for sale.
We receive the reference number of the item you are visiting. If you want a quote for more than one item, please pick the reference(s) number(s) of the item(s) you want to purchase. Those references are given with the description of each specimen. 
Fill and submit the form that pops up with your name, email, country and how do you prefer to pay. We will send you a quote, shipping charges included.
You can ask details about any available item, make pre-orders (if the specimen is not yet in Europe) or put any specimen on hold making a first payment.
With this form, there will be no spam filter problems and you can expect one answer in 24 hours.
Please be advised that non-EU customers may be charged with import duties, depending on your country's rules and items prices. Such fees and customs obligations are solely the responsibility of the buyer. Anyway, making use of 15 years of practice shipping worldwide, we try to avoid you those fees and obligations by our side, with tested descriptions of items and declared values.
Worldwide customs declaration: "Rock sample for study", sent as "Others" with no commercial value (zero EUR declared value).
Registered shipping with a tracking number.
That's the best we can do to help you enlarge your collection with our top premium specimens.


Why you should buy from us:
a) Perfect feedback after thousands of online sales in the last 15 years;
b) Very safe packages of very fragile items worldwide (not just talk, like many sellers, proofed unique extra-protections, not used elsewhere);
Honest return policy (rarely needed, in fact);
c) Original displays and a lot of top prepared specimens;
d) Very correct and careful identifications (without the rush for listing the specimens): if you are not an expert, there are many more wrong ID fossils than you think everywhere on the web. And we are not proud to announce you that...;
e) Honestly stated every reconstruction details, when any;
f) Recognized top customer service;
g) Instalment plans for trusted buyers;
h) We combine shipping and wholesale for other sellers. Contact us to know how much you can save.
We are reasonable sellers. If you have an offer for any items, just do it. We will manage it, probably.
Discounted items (Best Offers and Special Promotions) less than 300 USD do not benefit from "Free Shipping" promotions. The shipping cost will be 13, 23 or 33 USD, according to weight and destination.
0-500 g > Europe:8 EUR /9 USD; Rest of the world:11 EUR /13 USD
501-100 g > Europe:10 EUR /12 USD; Rest of the world:19 EUR /23 USD
1-2 kg > Europe:19 EUR /23 USD; Rest of the world:28 EUR /33 USD


Maybe you prefer or you need to purchase via eBay. We have there some items too. Don't forget to visit our eBay Store. You might find some more items (fossils, minerals or other) that interests you or that you can add to your purchase and save on shipping costs by combining them. Chances for making your own offers to some items are also there. 

Take a look!



All our items are delicate collectables and lovely pieces for interior decor. They are rare and very beautiful specimens, well preserved and premium prepared for a place on any collector's museum. You hardly find this quality, anywhere else. Begin today or enlarge your trilobite's or other fossils collection with our top-quality specimens and campaigns.


All our trilobites (and some other fossils) suffered preparation (repair) when broken at the quarry (they are glued at the laboratory). They don't suffer any restoration (reconstruction) or composition. If so, we'll tell you that for sure in each individual listing. We guarantee the quality of our products and follow strict policies of fair trade, safe payments and returns. 


Fossils, especially trilobites and other premium items, are, nowadays, also a way of investment, as their value will just raise. Besides their intrinsic scientific value as pieces of Natural History, they are also increasingly being used as decor, luxury items, taking advantage of the mysterious beauty and framing that they can provide at appropriate spaces.



You are acquiring rare specimens whose preparation (in specialized laboratories, using micro air scribes, sandblasters and other micro tools under stereoscopic microscopes) is a very difficult task that takes dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of hours per specimen. These skills are only available to very few people in all the world.



Do not hesitate to ask any questions. We will be more than happy to provide any additional details. When available, we can also provide you with the link to scientific papers describing particular species.



Don't forget to bookmark our site and visit regularly, to not lose any specimen.



Best regards, Miguel Pais.




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