#8321 PERFECT 10,8 cm Basilosaurus Fossil Rooted Molar. - MEDITERRANIC

    4 weeks ago

    Restoration details: No reconstruction. Some glued and tiny filled fissures, which is absolutely acceptable and desirable as consolidation technique.

    Dimensions: Specimen: 10,8 cm.

    Weight: 58 g.

    Finding locality: Gueran, Western Sahara, South Morocco.

    Species: Basilosaurus sp.; Family: Basilosauridae; Order: Artiodactyla (Cetacea); Class: Mammalia (Ungulata).

    Geological period: Eocene, from Cenozoic Era.


    Presented is huge (!) perfectly detailed rooted molar from a beloved species.

    The Eocene of Boujdour, and Dakhla are phosphates basins where several fossils document the transition from enormous vertebrates from land to sea.

    This species belongs to the evolutionary episode of transition and adaptation of land mammals to fully aquatic life ones (among them the first pre-historic cetaceans like Basilosaurus and whales).

    Basilosaurus, the so called "king-lizard" was, in fact a pre-historical whale (Archeoceti). The name "king-lizard" comes from first being mistaken with a huge reptile, as the long and narrow skull resembles that of Mosasaurus. With more than 19 meters maximum length and 5-10 tons, it had a small brain. So, gregarious behaviors and communication where probably yet far way in the evolution. It was a hunter.

    A rooted molar with this preservation is rare and represents a piece of life evolution on Earth, with museum quality. Don’t miss it!

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