#8307 Comura bultyncki. 6,0 cm - MEDITERRANIC

    on August 8, 2019

    Comura bultyncki Fossil Trilobite. Devonian. Jbel Oufaten, Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

    Restoration details: No restoration. All-natural specimen.

    Amazing display, with all the thoracic, pygidial and cephalic spines prepared individually. The final result is a totally free-standing specimen, with some matrix just on the ventral region. It is rare to find this species prepared like this one, as it takes hundreds of laboratory hours and very few people have skills to do it.

    Rare, elegant, dramatic, this truly stunning trilobite deserves a special place in any collection or museum.

    Dimensions - Specimen: 6,0 x 4,2 cm; Matrix: 11,6 x 10,2 cm.

    Finding locality: Jbel Oufaten, Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

    Taxonomy - Species: Comura bultyncki; Family: Acastidea; Order: Phacopida; Class: Trilobita.

    Geological Period: Devonian, from Paleozoic Era.

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