#8234 Artareites sp. + Gassendiceras sp. (10,7 x 5,9 cm) - Imsouanne, High Atlas, Morocco - MEDITERRANIC

    on November 9, 2018

    Very rare complete Heteromorphic Fossil Ammonite aff. Artareites sp. + partial Gassendiceras cf. alpinum Fossil Ammonite on original matrix, Imsouanne, High-Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

    Restoration details: 100% natural specimen. The broken part during extraction was glued, as usual. No restorations. A wonderful complete selected double Heteromorphic Ammonite fossil, with a complete specimen perfectly displayed and a partial (?) specimen inside the same matrix in their original positions.

    Huge and perfect, it is, in every sense, a beloved item from the High-Atlas Mountains. The carbonated matrix shows some calcite veins. 

It must be stated that this isn't the well known and common Acrioceras tabarelli (so many times faked or composite). Acrioceras disappear at Lower Barremian (Pulchella zone) and have trituberculated primary ribs, absent in this specimen. These two taxa are not documented to the Imsouane basin and, even more in their original association. What is presented here are true study museum specimens. 

    When talking about material from Imsouanne region, sometimes takes years to find a complete non-composite or non-fake one and it is always a real find to get originals from there. It is the case here, besides the authenticity, the taxa present in the matrix are extremely rare. A piece not to miss. 

Besides the intrinsic scientific value of this item, as a piece of Natural History, you are acquiring a rare specimen, very difficult to obtain complete and not "made" of composites. 

    Dimensions - Complete Artareites sp. specimen: 10,7 x 5,9 cm; Matrix: 12,7 x 10,4 cm.


Weight: 1160 g.

    Finding locality: Imsouane basin, High-Atlas Mountains, Morocco. Lower-Upper Barremian

    Taxonomy -
    Species 1: aff. Artareites sp.; Family: Helicancylidae; Order: Ammonitida; Class: Cephalopoda.
    Species 1: Gassendiceras cf. alpinum; Family: Hemihoplitidae; Order: Ammonitida; Class: Cephalopoda.

    Geological Period: Lower-Upper Barremian (Cretaceous), from Mesozoic Era.

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